Dealing with a Weather Related Car Accident Claim

When a traffic accident occurs in extreme weather conditions, it’s sometimes not immediately clear why the wreck happened or who caused it. For example, if two cars collide under icy, snowy conditions, it would be tempting to conclude the accident was unavoidable because of the road conditions.

But to get to the bottom of why a wreck occurred, it’s often necessary to investigate the choices made leading up to the wreck. For instance, did one of the drivers attempt to drive with overly-worn tires, with no treads to grip the road? When was the last time they serviced their brakes? Were they driving under the speed limit, but nevertheless too fast for the road conditions? Were they driving with cruise control engaged, increasing the chances of an engine over-correction in the event of a loss of traction?

An experienced personal injury attorney will ask all of these questions, and more, to get to the bottom of why the wreck occurred. They will know that a weather related car accident is more challenging and often demands a deeper investigation than that of a standard, run-of-the-mill car accident. And they will know that getting to the bottom of what happened is vital to preventing your insurance carrier from throwing up their hands and refusing to pay your claim because the wreck was an “unavoidable accident.”

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