Many lawyers know all too well the pain of obtaining a judgment at trial, only to have it taken away on appeal. Sharp lawyers understand that a judgment after a jury trial isn’t the end of the game—it’s only the buzzer at half time. And after each team reassesses its positions and strategies, they must prepare themselves for the final clash. This “second half” is played on a very different playing field—Texas courts of appeals.

Whether defending a favorable verdict or overturning an unfavorable one, Scanes & Routh provides sage appellate counsel to clients seeking a just result. Scanes & Routh handles appeals of trial court judgments in all civil cases as well as other appellate proceedings, including interlocutory appeals and mandamus proceedings.

Scanes & Routh has handled appellate cases for individuals and businesses throughout various Texas courts of appeal, the Supreme Court of Texas, and the Fifth Circuit. Scanes & Routh have experience in interlocutory appellate proceedings as well as appellate proceedings following final judgments. Their appellate experience includes sovereign immunity and pleas to the jurisdiction, derivative litigation, personal injury, contracts, employment, and injunctive relief.

Further, Scanes & Routh’s substantial trial experience helps litigants avoid some of the most common pitfalls and reasons for appellate reversal. These matters include, injunctive relief, jury charges, dispositive motions, trial motions (such as directed/instructed verdict, exclusion of expert witness), and post-trial motions. Whether at trial, or on appeal, Scanes & Routh provides dedicated advocacy, and a devotion to analyzing, interpreting, and applying the law to obtain the best result possible for our client.


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