The ownership, control, and use of water have significant legal and financial implications. If you are a landowner or water utility in Central Texas, where there is an abundance of surface water and groundwater, it is important to know these implications. For surface water, this means understanding your certificated water rights and related issues. For groundwater it means understanding the rule of capture, groundwater conservation districts, and related legal and regulatory issues. For water utilities, this means understanding and complying with the myriad of federal and state laws and regulations governing water utility service, and the legal issues associated with operating a water utility company. Our lawyers have the experience to help you evaluate your rights and obligations under the law, and represent your water interests well.

We represent a broad range of clients including regional water companies, water utilities, and private landowners, who benefit from our knowledge of water law and the synergy of our expertise in other real estate practice areas.

  • General counsel to water supply corporations, investor owned utilities, and other water utilities
  • Surface water and groundwater transactions
  • Surface water rights and related issues


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